BACnet Stack – Full Package with Technology Transfer

BACnet Stack – Full Package with Technology Transfer

BACnet Ethernet: Stack exists – legacy.
BACNet IP: Well tested
BACNet MSTP: Well tested

Full Package means we are your Integration Partner

The stack is sold as 100 hours of tech support. If you pay travel expenses then some of that support can be provided at your location – a perfect mechanism to effect technology transfer and develop a working relationship. We are flexible and responsive so we would be happy make some adjustments to the engineers working hours for a period of time to better serve you. We provide remote support using email, Skype, and remote desktop tools etc.

Although it is relatively easy to implement the stack as a client, BACnet is not like Modbus. It has a large set of services and objects and there are a number of implementation choices for the vendor. The protocol is growing – adding layers for security and services and objects for access control – completing the spectrum of Building Automation applications. You can also choose our Simple BACnet Stack Package

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 – CAS Bacnet Stack – Product Description

Product Description

Please review the product description – It provides a brief description of the stack and how it works. In addition there is a zip with some source code attached. This source code is for a simple MSTP server application. As you will see when you read the product description, your developer is responsible for handling the serial/Ethernet ports, threads etc. The sample code provides a point of departure for your developer. One reason for separating the application from the BACnet message forming/parsing is that it gives you complete control. For example, a customer of ours has developed an application for monitoring energy consumption on a cluster of campuses. His application, using our stack, uses 280 threads. On each thread he used multiple sockets. His total throughput is approx 186,000 present value reads per second. They could only achieve this because they had complete flexibility.

License Agreement

When you review this doc you will see that we do not charge royalties nor do we care how many of your product models you use it for. We do care that you don’t compete against us and we do care that you do not use our stack to develop product that isn’t directly related to your primary business.

Process and Fees

When you purchase this product your purchase includes engineering support for your developer.

We include 100 hours of direct support for your developer. These hours expire after 3 months from the date of purchase. You may reserve time in advance in blocks of 2 or more hours otherwise we will make an engineer available as circumstances permit.

If you pay travel expenses we can provide some of this support at your location. You can use this time to aid the development of your product and to have your developer trained in the use of the stack and in BACnet in general. We encourage you to use this facility. We want you to succeed. Here is an example of why this methodology is attractive; Implementing a protocol requires both the use of the protocol stack as well as an understanding of how the protocol is used and some of its under the hood issues. For example, MSTP devices have both a MAC address (byte) and a Node ID. They do not have to correspond. You probably need to provide a method to your customers to set both independently. A protocol stack cannot describe this usage.

There is no annual maintenance fee. If you pay a fee, you will also be entitled to use improvements we make that add new features, services and functionality. You can choose to purchase those improvements if you require them. If you do not pay for improvements you shall have access to improvements we make that don’t add anything new. These will be made available on our web site.


There is some risk with the development of an MSTP interface. BACnet has some stringent timing requirements. For example the token must be used with 15msec of reception. Breaking these rules disrupts communications. We are not qualified to offer an opinion on the hardware/software platform you have chosen for development and its suitability for this purpose. We would advise you to do some performance testing on this as soon as is possible in your development cycle.

CAS BACnet Explorer

Your customers might be happy to have some 3rd party software to test/prove the BACnet interface. The reason they may be interested is that having a tool that proves the interface works will ensure they are not on the defensive if there are the ‘normal’ system integration issues. We would be happy to work with you to package our explorer for this purpose. For example, with one customer, we will provide a 3 month limited license which they will ship with each product. For this they pay us the media cost plus a small fee (volume based ranging from $5 to $50) for each license key.


Our stack has been to BACnet plugfest in 2012,2010, 2009, 2007, 2006.

Writing a stack from scratch:

It has been our experience that every project has unique requirements when it comes to stack implementation. Most of the times the underlying hardware, available compiler, memory and other resources define the stack architecture. Hence we strongly recommend that we have a round of technical discussion in case you have any concerns. We have the capability to develop a stack from scratch as per your requirements.

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