FS-8704-14 – EtherNet/IP

Driver Version: 1.02

Document Revision: 2

FieldServer Driver – Ethernet




The Ethernet IP driver allows the FieldServer to transfer data to and from devices over Ethernet using the EtherNet/IP protocol.  The FieldServer can emulate either a Server or Client.

EtherNet/IP uses CIP (Control and Information Protocol), the common network, transport and application layers also shared by ControlNet and DeviceNet.  EtherNet/IP then makes use of standard Ethernet and TCP/IP technology to transport CIP communications packets.  The result is a common, open application layer on top of open and highly popular Ethernet and TCP/IP protocols.

The Driver is able to read/write using the Data Table structure employed by all Logix Series PLC’s.

PCCC support is also provided for legacy devices that do not fully support CIP encapsulation.  EIP PCCC Encapsulation was tested at FST factory using PLC5 I785 ENET card.  The following data types were tested:




ODVA Status

ODVA is an international association comprised of members from the world’s leading automation companies.  Collectively, ODVA and its members support network technologies based on the Common Industrial Protocol (CIP™).  These currently include DeviceNet™, EtherNet/IP™, CIP Safety™ and CIP Sync™.  ODVA manages the development of these open technologies, and assists manufacturers and users of CIP-based networks through tools, training and marketing activities.

FieldServer Technologies is an ODVA member and our device is ODVA tested to be Ethernet/IP Compliant.


Vendor Code875
Product Type Code12 or “Communications Adapter”



It is possible for the FieldServer to act as a scanner and an adapter at the same time so long as they are configured on different ports.  Consequently this functionality is not possible on an FS-X20 platform.

The information that follows describes how to expand upon the factory defaults provided in the configuration files included with the FieldServer.

Fieldserver ModeNodesComments
Client1Only 1 Client Node allowed.
Server3232 Server Nodes allowed.


Formal Driver Type


Client or Server


Compatibility Matrix

FieldServer ModelCompatible with this driver


Connection Information

Connection type:Ethernet
Ethernet Speeds Supported10Base-T, 100Base-T[1]


Devices tested

DeviceTested (FACTORY, SITE)
ODVA Conformance Tool (ENetCT Ver A3.5)FACTORY
FlexLogix PLC/ 1788 – Enet  Ethernet CardFACTORY
Wago 750-841 Programmable Fieldbus CouplerFACTORY


Connection configurations


Communications functions – Supported functions at a glance:

EtherNet/IP is an object orientated protocol.  The Object Oriented structure therefore allows for classes, instances, attributes and services.  The ‘data types’ listed below are to be considered as the objects supported in the protocol.  Each of these has attributes that have been supported to differing degrees.


Data Types Supported

FieldServer Data TypeDescription (or Device Data Type)
Identity – Class Code 0x01Attributes Supported:

One instance supported (0x01)

Attributes List:

  1. Vendor ID
  2. Device Type
  3. Product Code
  4. Device Revision
  5. Status
  6. Serial Number
  7. Device Description (text)

Services Supported:


Get_Attribute_SingleMessage Router – Class Code 0x02Attributes Supported:

One instance supported (0x01)

Attribute List:

  1. Max Connections

Services Supported:

Get_Attribute_SingleAssembly – Class Code 0x04Attributes Supported:

Class Instance Support (0x00)

Class Attributes: 0x02 (Max Instance)

Two instances supported (0x0100 and 0x0101)

Attribute List:

  1. Member List
  2. Not Supported
  3. Data

Services Supported:

Get_Attribute_SingleConnection Manager – Class Code 0x06Forward Open Service

Forward Close ServiceRegister – Class Code 0x07Attributes Supported:

Class Instance Support (0x00)

Class Attributes: 0x02 (Max Instance)

Two instances supported (0x01 and 0x02)


Attribute List:

  1. Status Flag
  2. Direction (read/write)
  3. Size of Data (bits)

Services Supported:

Get_Attribute_SingleDiscrete Input Point – Class Code 0x08No visible interface currentlyDiscrete Output Point – Class Code 0x09No visible interface currentlyAnalog Input Point – Class Code 0x0AAttributes Supported:

Class Instance Support (0x00)

Class Attributes: 0x02 (Max Instance)

Two instances supported (0x01 and 0x02)

Attribute List:

  1. Number of Attributes
  2. Not Supported
  3. Analog value (UINT16)
  4. not supported
  5. Vendor ID

Services Supported:

Get_Attribute_SingleAnalog Output Point – Class Code 0x0BAttributes Supported:

Class Instance Support (0x00)

Class Attributes: 0x02 (Max Instance)

Two instances supported (0x01 and 0x02)

Attribute List:

  1. Number of Attributes
  2. not supported
  3. Analog value (UINT16)
  4. not supported
  5. Vendor ID

Services Supported:


Get_Attribute_SingleTCP/IP Interface Object – Class Code 0xF5Attributes Supported:

One instance supported (0x01)

Attribute List:

  1. Status
  2. Configuration Capability
  3. Configuration Control
  4. Physical Link Object
  5. Interface Configuration
  6. Host Name

Services Supported:

Get_Attribute_SingleEtherNet Link Object – Class Code 0xF6Attributes Supported:

One instance supported (0x01)

Attribute List:

  1. Interface Speed
  2. Interface Flags
  3. Physical Address
  4. Interface Counters
  5. Media Counters

Services Supported:

Get_Attribute_SingleData Table Object – Private ObjectAttributes Supported:

This object does not support instances or attributes but uses the data table structure, and associated tags, in Logix5000 PLC’s.

Services Supported:

CIP Read Data


Connection Types Supported

Connection TypeSupport Details
Unconnected MessagesUnconnected messages are supported to objects mentioned above.
Explicit MessagesBoth client and server support Explicit Messages to all supported objects.
Implicit MessagesImplicit Messages are not currently supported.


Read Operations supported

The functions below are supported to varying degrees by the objects above. The exact support for functions is mentioned in the table above.


FieldServer as a Client (Scanner)FieldServer as a Server (Adapter)
Get_Attribute_Single – Service Code 0x0EGet_Attribute_Single – Service Code 0x0E
Data_Table_Read – Service Code 0x4CGet_Attribute_All – Service Code 0x01
Data_Table_Read – Service Code 0x4C


Write (Control) Operations supported

FieldServer as a Client (Scanner)FieldServer as a Server (Adapter)
Set_Attribute_Single – Service Code 0x10Set_Attribute_Single – Service Code 0x10
Data_Table_Write – Service Code 0x4DData_Table_Write – service code 0x4D


Unsupported Functions and Data Types

Programming messagesFieldServer is a data transfer device, and as such, programming messages are not required.
All Group Functions. (e.g. Analog Input Group Object)Possibility of later support.
All Application Specific Data Objects (e.g. AC/DC Drive Object)Possibility of later support.


[1] Not all FieldServer models support 100BaseT.  Consult the appropriate instruction manual for details of the Ethernet speed supported by specific hardware

Gateway Selector

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