BACnet Explorer - How do I Activate a License

This step-by-step article explains how to activate CAS BACnet Key.

First of all, a user should make sure that he or she has downloaded CAS BACnet Explorer on the computer before activating the BACnet Key.

Then, click to Run CAS BACnet Explorer.

If the product key has expired or is invalid (or during the first registration), an error message “FYI #017” will pop up. It will explain to the user that a maximum of three free software demo keys can be requested to evaluate CAS BACnet Explorer from the License dialog. Each key expires after 60 minutes upon successful activation.

If user has a valid product key but is still receiving the same error message, please make sure that the USB product key is connected to the computer and then re-start the software.

Otherwise, click OK and the License dialog will pop up. Enter a valid email address here and click “Request a key” button.

Read the instructions on the next screen and click OK.

A webpage with user’s information will appear. Verify the information and click “Request a key” button, it will then bring the user to a confirmation page.

An activation email containing the new product key will be sent to the user. Copy the product key from the activation email and paste it into CAS BACnet Explorer’s Licence page. Then click the “Activate” button to activate CAS BACnet Explorer with this software key to complete the activation process. User will be informed of the expiry date on the next screen.

Each trial key can be renewed three times. However, if a user needs to evaluate our CAS BACnet Explorer for more than an hour, or on a different computer, we would suggest purchasing an USB-protection-key to avoid multiple activation processes.

If user did not get the error message in the first place, he or she can still request a new product key from the Licence dialog. It can be done by clicking the “Settings” button on the main dialog, then select “License” on the left hand side.

Please read our useful FAQ, or contact us directly if we can be of further assistance.

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