BACnet - How to overcome CAS BACnet Explorer USB/Software activation problems

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Here are some common problems with activating CAS BACnet Explorer with the USB or Software product keys. This article is based on the CAS BACnet Explorer v2.01aH

Software product key

Err #3: invalid product key. Please request a new product key

The software key is long and complicated, do not try and type it in manually. Instead, you should copy and paste it in to the licence dialog from your email. It should be all capital letters and numbers. no spaces, no special characters, or line brakes. If you copied the product key incorrectly, you will get an error message dialog like this.

Try again to copy the product key from your email, ensure that you copy it exactly with no spaces or line feeds.  If this error message continues then contact support.

Err #5: this Key is not for this user. check the email address and try again.

The software product key is tied to your email address. You must use the same email address that you used to request the product key to be able to activate the product key.

Err #8: Invalid product key. Please request a new product key

Check the date and time on your computer, if your current date/time incorrect it could cause this error.

Reset your date/time to the current time and try again.

Err #9: Invalid product key. Please request a new product key

Err #9: Invalid product key. Please request a new product key

This error message could be caused by a few different scenarios.

  • If you are trying to activate an old product key that you have already used.
  • If  you are trying to activate a product key that has expired.

Request a new product key from within CAS BACnet Explorer and attempt to activate CAS BACnet Explorer again.

Err #11: This key is not for this computer

Err #11: This key is not for this computer

The Software key is tied to the computer's MAC address it was requested from. If you request a key from one computer and try to activate it on another computer, it will give you this error message.

You must request the key from within CAS BACnet explorer on the computer that you intend to use it on.

Hardware USB product key

The hardware USB product key resolves a lot of the problems and frustrations that are caused by the software product key.

Do you have the correct activation key for CAS BACnet explorer?

The product key should be semi transparent green with the words "ROCKEY4ND" written on the side of it. If your product key looks like something else it probably for a different product.

When the USB key is plugged in correctly,  a green LED should illuminate at the end of the USB key.

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