CAS BACnet Explorer – USB Key updater

The KeyUpdater.exe is an application at is used to update the USB product keys for CAS BACnet Explorer.


  1. Extract the three files included in the Zip archive to a temporary directory (C:\temp\)
  2. Run the ‘KeyUpdater.exe‘ application
  3. Insert the USB product key, It should look similar to this. A green LED should illuminate if property connected.
  4. Click the “Update Key” button

If the key was updated correctly you should get a dialog that says “Done”

This error message can happen for the following reasons.

  • The USB key is not plugged in. Please ensure that the USB key is plugged in and the internal LED is illuminated.
  • The wrong USB key is used. The USB product key looks like this. Ensure that you are using the correct USB key.
  • The USB key is plugged in to a USB hub that does not have enough power to program the USB key. Plug the USB key directly in to the PC.
  • The applcation is missing the two included DLLs. This application requires two DLLs included with the application to run property.
  • The application is run from with in an Zip file instead of a temporary directly. Some Zip application do not extract all the files from a archive before running the EXE. extract the files to a temp directory before attempting to run this applications.

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