Veeder-Root - in-Tank Inventory

   Veeder TLS-350 Series Consoles In-Tank Inventory

Explanation of some key terms for VEEDER TLS in-Tank Inventory

Fuel Height Fuel Height is the depth of all liquid in the tank in inches or millimeters.

Water Volume Water Volume is the amount of water in the tank in gallons or liters.  Note: If you are using high alcohol probes, Water Volume will not appear in the display or printed reports.

Water Height Water Height is the depth of the water in the tank.  Note: If you are using high alcohol probes that cannot detect water, Water Height will not appear on the display or the printed reports.

Fuel Temperature The console displays the fuel temperature in the tank in Fahrenheit (F) pr Centigrade (C) temperature, depending on how your system  as set up.

Ullage Ullage is the amount of room left in the tank. Normally, a tank is not totally full to leave room for the product to expand.

Temperature Compensated Volume The product in the tank expands and contracts with temperature. The colder the temperature, the more the product will contract. The higher the temperature, the more the product will expand. Temperature Compensated Volume is at 60 degrees Fahrenheit, unless your system was programmed to use another temperature value.Note: If Temperature Compensated Volume was set to “Disable” using the System Setup function, you will not be able to print the Temperature Compensated Volume on the report. 

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