Discontinued! 1-Wire Data Client/Logger

Chipkin 1-Wire Data Client/Logger reads and stores data from 1-Wire DS18b20 temperature sensors.
CAS gateway 800 BLACK Png - CAS gateway 800 BLACK Png

Chipkin™ 1-Wire™ Data Client (aka Data Logger, Data Recorder) connects to 1-Wire DS18b20 temperature sensors to read data. The Data Client operates by reading the temperature data from the 1 or more DS18b20 1-wire sensors. The data and transactions are logged into an internal database. The log files are available and can be transferred to other computers and can be monitored by remote systems running applications that can issue HTTP or SOAP/XMP GET requests – such applications can be easily developed by end users. Of course, this data is also available using an Internet Browser such as Internet Explorer or Google Chrome. Connection parameters, device parameters, and data parameters are configurable.

The gateway requires minimal configuration and can be considered a ‘plug and play’ component of any network system. It’s ready to operate ‘out of the box’ and can be installed without an engineer’s approval. For a list of tested devices, refer to Appendix A: Tested Devices.

CAS Hardware 700

The CAS 700 Hardware device contains 2x 9-pin serial ports (1x RS485 and 1xRS232), and one Ethernet port. The device also contains a microSD card where system files, assets, configurations, and logs are stored.

The device has the following system drivers that can be enabled:

  • HTTP REST Server - a passive web server with an API that users can interact with the device to get or set values
  • HTTP Push Driver - a driver that can be configured to push data in a specific format (JSON, XML, CSV) to a 3rd party web server. Current data formats are Chipkin's default JSON payload and VeederRoot Tank data as JSON. Please contact Chipkin for information on adding additional formats.
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CAS Hardware 700

The following specifications are common to all Chipkin gateways.

  • Certifications: UL and ULc approved
  • Ports:
    • 10/100BASE-T with RJ-45 connector
    • 1x RS232 port
    • 1x RS485 port (different models have additional ports)
  • Power: 7 - 24 VDC through an external power supply. (12V @ 90mA)
  • Operating temperature: 0 - 70 °C (32 - 158 °F)
  • LEDs: link, speed/data, power

  • Dimensions (LxWxH): 107 x 83 x 25 mm (4.2 x 3.25 x 1 in.)
  • Connection type: RS485 (jumper change to RS232)



Block Diagrams


All CAS 2500, 2700, 2800 products

A quick start guide with instructions for some of the basic operations of the CAS Gateway product line. Includes instructions for the following:

  • Detecting the CAS Gateway via the computer and settings its IP Address
  • Downloading the Firmware to the CAS Gateway
  • Downloading the Assets to the CAS Gateway
  • Downloading the Configuration to the CAS Gateway

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