Veeder-Root to SNMP Custom MIB

A FieldServer protocol gateway that provides data exchange between Veeder-Root and SNMP Custom MIB QuickServer is a high performance, fully configurable, cost effective Building and Industrial Automation gateway for integrators to easily interface...
Max Points
Max Points: 250, 500
Veeder-Root to SNMP Custom MIB

Veeder-Root to SNMP Custom MIB

Quickserver Gateway (Serial-Ethernet)

QuickServer is a high performance, fully configurable, cost effective Building and Industrial Automation gateway for integrators to easily interface devices to networks in commercial buildings and industrial plants.

System integrators world-wide have benefitted from the value of the powerful line of interoperability gateways offered by FieldServer. Now, QuickServer adds to that value by running the same robust FieldServer protocol conversion software on a highly cost effective platform backed by the experience, engineering expertise and proven technical support that integrators have come to expect from FieldServer.

QuickServer is available in two series. The FS-QS-10XX Series is preloaded with two BAS drivers (serial, Ethernet and/or LonWorks) from a choice of Modbus RTU, Modbus TCP, BACnet/IP®, BACnet MS/TP, LonWorks®, JCI Metasys® N2 and SNMP. Each QuickServer can handle up to 250 points.

The FS-QS-12XX Series QuickServer is available to use any Serial, Ethernet or LonWorks driver in the extensive FieldServer driver library. The FS-QS-12XX Series can handle up to 500 points and is available with a choice of RS-485, RS-232 or RS- 422 serial ports, KNX or M-Bus, in addition to Ethernet and LonWorks (optional).

Each QuickServer includes browser-based tools to make it easy to set-up QuickServer and perform diagnostics including determination of status, network settings, node information, map descriptors and more. The USB flash drive also includes the Discovery utility to determine what FieldServers are on a network.


The SNMP driver allows the FieldServer to transfer data to and from devices over Ethernet using the SNMP version 1 protocol. The FieldServer can emulate either a Server (SNMP Agent) or Client.

Max Nodes Supported:

The Client can be configured to read values specified by their SNMP Object Identifiers (OID’s), which are defined in the MIB file (Management Information Base) of the target device. When acting as an SNMP Agent (Server), the driver makes the contents of specified integer data arrays available to any SNMP Client.

The FieldServer MIB file sets out the OIDs to use. The current version of the driver can send and receive SNMP traps.

The following SNMP data types are supported:





The maximum number of traps currently supported is 255. The FieldServer Enterprise ID is 6347. MIB files are generated automatically from the FieldServer configuration files. A selection of standard MIB-2 OIDs are supported to allow interaction with popular Network Management packages.


The Veeder-Root Serial Driver allows the FieldServer to transfer data to and from devices over either RS- 232 or RS-485 ports using Veeder-Root protocol as defined in Veeder- Root Document 576013-635 Revision J. The Veeder-Root Driver supports TLS350 as per Veeder-Root Document 576013-635 Revision Y, and TLS450 as per Veeder-Root Document 577013-950 Revision G. Since the data protocol is the same for the TLS-350+ as for TL-S350, it is assumed that the driver will support the TLS350+ but this has not been tested. The Driver also successfully communicates with the TLS-450 as it has the same data protocol. Please refer to the driver manual for hardware connections.

The FieldServer emulates a Client.

The Veeder-Root Serial Driver is a poll response driver. Only one query or command can be processed at a time.

A limited set of the queries and commands defined in the protocol specification have been implemented. The reason for the limitation is two-fold. Firstly, not all commands/queries will have any meaning to a Server device as they are principally defined to configure the Veeder-Root Device. Secondly, some commands return very complex data sets which cannot be processed in a method suitable for loading into the FieldServer’s Data Arrays.

The driver is capable of exposing its communications statistics which allows them to be monitored using a Server device. 


FS-8700-74_VeederRoot Driver Manual Rev1.04_2015
FS-8704-09 SNMP_ Manual
QuickServer Start-up Guide


FS-8704-09 SNMP_ Datasheet
QuickServer Data Sheet


Veeder-Root - TLS-3xxx Series Consoles Operators Manual
Veeder-Root - TLS-4XX Consoles Upgrade Installation Instructions
Veeder-Root - TLS-4XX Setup and Operation Manual
Veeder-Root - TLS300 - TLS-300 Series System Setup and Operator manuals
Veeder-Root - TLS350 - Pump Sense Interfsace Module
Veeder-Root - TLS350 Line Leak Detector Interface
Veeder-Root - TLS3xx - Operators Quick Help
Veeder-Root - TLS450 Setup and Operations Manual
Veeder-Root - Good Mapping Exaample Configuration
Veeder-Root - Default Port Settings
Veeder-Root - Ethernet Card part number that works with out driver - may be others
Veeder-Root - Sample Project Deliverables - FSbxxxx - Project Notes
Veeder-Root - Serial Comm Module Installation (G)
Veeder-Root - Serial Port Cards
Veeder-Root - TLS-300 Additional Port Addendum (577013-491 Rev A) (PDF)
Veeder-Root - WPLLD for TLS-350350R Systems - Communications, AC Interface, and Controller Module - Installation Manual (577013-481-C) (PDF)
SNMP Test Software
SNMP Test Software Manual
SNMP Test Software - 2
SNMP Mib Browser
IBMs SNMP Manual
Dell - How to Secure SNMP
Fast Track Intro to SNMP
MG Mib Browser Tool

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