Veeder-Root - How to print Veeder-Root Setup Report for TLS-300 and TLS-350

It is important to save and print a setup data report once all setup procedures for the Veeder-Root panel (TLS-300 and TLS-350) are complete.

This report is a record of all of the setup values that have been entered into the Veeder-Root system, and it also saves valuable time in case if the system memory is lost due to a simultaneous interruption of AC and battery power, or as a result of any other problem within the system.

To print the setup data report for TLS-300 and TLS-350, do the following:

  1. Press the MODE key to display the Setup Mode main screen as shown here
  2. Then press the PRINT key.

Please scan the report and email it to us (mentioning the Project Reference in the Subject line of the e-mail).

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