LightX (SmarTLC 3.1 or 3.0) GE TLC Configuration Software

Software to configure GE Lighting TLC system. If you have a current system, get a copy of the software in case your current system stops working. Purchase one now! Comes with the Software, Key and Support to get your system working.
LightX (or SmartTLC) is the software used to manage and configure GE Lightings TLC Lighting systems.
SmarTLC 3.1
SmarTLC 3.1

LightX (SmartTLC 3.1 or 3.0)

LightX (or SmartTLC) is the software to manage and configure GE Lightings Total Lighting Control Lighting systems.

    • LightX is a Windows-based complete control software package that replaces the old DOS-based TLC program (RSOFT).
    • LightX is the complete control software currently installed on PCs delivered with the system.  You must also be using Windows 2000, ME, and XP. Windows 7 and 10 may also be supported. Must speak with one of our representatives.
    • LightX supports programming, monitoring and control functions for any points in the system. 
    • LightX has a powerful graphics function that anyone can simply interface and lots of additional functions compared with the DOS-based TLC program.
    • LightX supports GE Level III hardware for monitor and control of customer lighting
    • LightX has the Device View, Error Log, and Optional Graphics View presented on one screen at one time for maximum efficiency.

Two types of LightX:

    1. Stand-Alone Version: All the Functions of DOS TLC Software
    2. Network Version: Terminals that are connected to an Ethernet network can mutually monitor control each other in real time.

All the networked terminals can act like the stand-alone version and also use the other terminals as a gateway to the TLC Network.

The users can Access LightX through the Internet and/or Ethernet.

Records all system events including status change, User Log, and also user can search and track special events and record selected events as a file (Excel format) or print.

There are three kinds of scheduling;

    • Software Schedule
    • Hardware Schedule
    • Astronomical Schedule
I'd like to inquire about the LightX (SmarTLC 3.1 or 3.0) GE TLC Configuration Software SmarTLC 3.1. Please provide me with a quote for this product.

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