Metasys N2 to Other Protocol Gateway

Custom Developed driver for your Metasys N2 integration.
"Other" represent any protocol, give us a call, we will develop the driver if we not already have it.
The Metasys N2 by Johnson Controls network supports communications with a diverse range of devices.
CAS-QS-3010-MetasysN2 (250 points),CAS-QS-3110-MetasysN2 (500 points),CAS-QS-3210-MetasysN2 (1000 points),CAS-QS-3310-MetasysN2 (3000 points),CAS-QS-3410-MetasysN2 (5000 points),CAS-QS-3510-MetasysN2 (10000 points);
CAS-QS-2010-MetasysN2 (250 points),CAS-QS-2110-MetasysN2 (1000 points),CAS-QS-2210-MetasysN2 (500 points),CAS-QS-2310-MetasysN2 (3000 points),CAS-QS-2410-MetasysN2 (5000 points);
CAS-QS-1010-MetasysN2 (250 points),CAS-QS-1210-MetasysN2 (500 points),CAS-QS-1310-MetasysN2 (3000 points),CAS-QS-1410-MetasysN2 (5000 points);
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Metasys N2

The Metasys® N21 by Johnson Controls network supports communications with a diverse range of devices. Many N2 compatible devices use their own version of the protocol and care must be taken to ensure that the device of interest is covered by the FieldServer implementation.

At present the FieldServer Metasys® N2 driver will support communications with the following devices or classes of devices when acting as a Client:

  • N2Open-compliant devices. N2Open is a published N2-compatible protocol enabling 3rd party device vendors to integrate with N2.
  • VMA 1400 series (with restrictions)
  • DX9100 and XT9100

When acting as a Server the FieldServer Metasys® N2 driver can emulate an N2Open device only.


Can't find the protocol you are looking for? Give us a call. We regularly add new drivers to our protocol library and may already support what you are looking for. Even if we do not currently support it, we develop custom drivers on demand. Give us a call, we can write drivers for just about any device.

Below is a list of potential Protocols. Many of them, we already have and the rest, we can develop.

Allen-Bradley CSP, Armstrong FA403, ATMI ACM and TGM, BACnet Arcnet, Barrington MicroSTAR, Barrington LanSTAR, Canatal, Caterpillar, ControlNet, Cummins, Data Highway Plus (DH), Data Highway Plus (DH+), DeviceNet, DF1, DNP3, Edwards, Federal Signal Ultravoice, Fike Cheetah, Gamewell FCI, GE SNP (SNPx), GE SRTP, GE TLC, GE-EGD, HTTP, KNX, Kohler, M-Bus, McQuay Microtech, MetOne Particle Counters, Mircom FX2000, Modbus ASCII, Modbus Plus (MB), Modbus Plus (MB+), Multistack Compu25, National Time and Signal, Notifer 320/640, Notifer Legacy Panels, Notifier 3030, Omron FINS, OPC, Optomux Opto22, Profibus, Rapid Engineering ICSII, SIA Security Industry, Siemens Fire Safety, Silent Knight Fire, SNMP, Stulz, TAC I-Net, Telnet, TL1, TOA VS900, XML, Cleaver-Brooks Hawk, Carrier DataLink, EST3 Serial, Veeder Root, DNP 3.0, Mudbus Jbus, Profibus DP Slave, Notifier INA, Data Aire DAP, Data Aire DART, Secutron, RussElectric Model 2000, Notifier Italia AM6000, Notifier 200/300/400, Lutron Machine, Gardner Denver, Grinnell TFX Minerva, Modbus Tek-Air, Hochiki Serial Driver, Notifier 1010/2020, Zellweger Infratox, Notifier NCA, Notifier Onyx 640, Metasys N2, BACnet PTP Serial

I'd like to inquire about the Metasys N2 to Other Protocol Gateway CAS-QS-xxx0-MetasysN2-Custom. Please provide me with a quote for this product.

Block Diagrams

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