Code of Conduct and Statement of Corporate Values


At Chipkin Automation Systems Inc. (chipkin), we expect the highest level of personal conduct from all staff, workers, and volunteers regardless of position. Chipkin is a friendly and open place to work and we achieve this through a respectful office culture that values our employees work-life balance. This culture must not interfere with upholding high levels of professionalism in all areas.

Values and Principles

  • Teamwork
  • Integrity
  • Accountability and Ownership of work
  • Honesty
  • Fairness
  • Trustworthiness
  • Exceptional Customer Service
  • Bad news delivered early is good news
  • Being clear and setting appropriate expectations in all work

What we expect from our employees

  1. Chipkin does not tolerate racism, sexism or discrimination of any kind based on a person’s identity, beliefs, affiliations, gender, sexual orientation, and ethnicity. Abuse of any kind to anyone whether verbal or physical is strictly prohibited.
  2. Employees and agents of Chipkin shall conduct themselves in a law abiding, ethical and professional manner.
  3. Employees and agents of Chipkin shall tell no lies in soliciting and procuring business.
  4. Chipkin prefers all its commercial relationships to be win-win.
  5. Chipkin is held in high regard for prompt and quality customer service. All customer queries for information and quotations shall be responded to the same day as they are received except when you ask permission from the customer to deliver a response at a later time.
  6. Do not keep secrets. Do not hide / cover up problems or failures. All employees and agents are expected to report problems, failures, and bad news immediately to their manager so that it can be acted on promptly. Report problems that might affect a customer to them, so they can manage their projects effectively.
  7. Do not guess or assume. If you are unsure then ask for help. Chipkin regards requests for help and clarification in high regard.
  8. Work accuracy is prized. Many of our systems are installed in places where it is difficult or expensive to revisit or troubleshoot. Therefore, Chipkin seeks accurate work with attention to detail.
  9. Do not expose Chipkin to commercial or other risks.
  10. Promises and Risk: Do not make promises if you are not certain you can keep them. Alert customers to risk, as early as possible and in writing (usually via the sales dept.).
  11. Fire and Forget: If you are allocated a task, you will complete it, reject it, ask questions, seek clarification, ask about the timeline. But you will not forget it.
  12. Work in a safe manner

Working Relationships

At chipkin, it is important that our employees treat each other and everyone they encounter during work with integrity and respect. We expect the same behavior from our Contractors, Suppliers, and Customers. To this end, Chipkin stands behind its employees and will not tolerate abusive behavior of any kind from or towards our employees.

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