How Tax Cheats Are Caught – Random Numbers Are Less Random Than You Think

Locating Tax Cheats with Benford's Law People who make up numbers on their tax returns are easily caught. Because, for all the numbers on a tax return - 30% begin with a '1' and 17% with a '2' and .... only 5% with a '9'. If you make up numbers and they don’t fall into this frequency distribution, then they know you are tryi…
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Replacing White Spaces With Single Spaces In Notepad++

Intro If you are using Notepad ++ and are looking to replace white spaces with single spaces, then you came to the right place. Any of the following methods will do the trick, so pick whichever one suits you: Method 1 Radio programs transmi…
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Chipkin Newsletter - October 2020 Edition

Quick-Linked Content BACnet Foreign Device - Explained ****INSERT ARTICLE HERE****…
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Small Print

Terms of Use Conditions of Sale Privacy Policy We do not provide your personal information to anyone at any time that is not directly related to the provision of the services/products you request or purchase. We collect two types of information from you: We co…
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Case Studies

Chipkin regularly works on challenging and innovative projects in the Data communication world. This has allowed us to gain a wide range of knowledge which has made us an invaluable asset to the industry. See below for a list of Projects we have completed to help our everyday clients. Particle…
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CAS Gateway Software Tools

Download the CAS Gateway Firmware Download tool FREE!! Or, for more information, CONTACT US! What is the CAS Gateway Firmware download tool? The CAS Gateway Firmware download tool is a developer so…
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Software Tools

Buy the CAS BACnet Explorer: You can try the BACnet Explorer for free before you buy. CONTACT US! INTRODUCTION Chipkin Regularly develops tools to help make our job easier. Depending on the effort to run and maintain these tools, Chipkin provides them for a small fee or for free altogether. Please find be…
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CAS BACnet Explorer

Buy the CAS BACnet Explorer: You can try the BACnet Explorer for free before you buy. CONTACT US! INTRODUCTION CAS BACnet Explorer is the perfect utility for testing, debugging and discovering BACnet® networks and devices. It perform…
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