Intro to OPC UA Protocol Integration The OPC Unified Architecture (OPC UA) is a machine to machine communication protocol for industrial automation developed by the OPC Foundation. Although developed by the same organization as its predecessor, Open Platform Communications (OPC), OPC UA differs significantly. The Foundation's goal for OPC UA was t…
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Protocol Conversions

Chipkin Protocol Converters aka Protocol Gateways Chipkin provides solutions for over 200 Protocols and counting. With a speciality in Building Automation and Integration, Chipkin provides more than just Gateways, we also offer Data Clients, BACnet Routers, Stack, Software Tools, BACnet Explorer. Chipkin Provides solutions, not boxes. We…
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Hunter ACC & Hunter ACC2

Intro to Hunter ACC Protocol Integration The Hunter ACC protocol can be used to connect to suitably enabled Hunter Industries controllers such as the ACC99 Irrigation Controller. The Driver can read and write data, change settings and issue commands to the irrigation system. A single gateway can connect to multiple controllers using t…
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Discontinued! 1-Wire Integration: Gateways, Services, Resources

Intro to 1-Wire 1-Wire is a device communications bus system that provides low-speed data, signalling, and power over a single conductor. It’s similar in concept to I²C, but with lower data rates and longer range. It is typically used to communicate with small inexpensive devices such as digital thermometers and weather instruments.…
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FieldServer Devices

Chipkin and FieldServer Chipkin has worked with FieldServer Technologies Inc. since September 2000. Initially, Chipkin provided software engineering services and helped FieldServer develop its driver library. At one point over 40% of FieldServer’s library had been developed by Chipkin. Our primary role changed from engineering development to 2nd tier tech supp…
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Discontinued Devices FS-B2010, FS-B2011, FS-B4010

Below is a list of discontinued FieldServer Products that Chipkin may have stock or can help you find a replacement. FS-B4010: An Obsoleted 10-serial, 2-Ethernet port, protocol gateway enables data transfer between serial and Ethernet protocols. FS…
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FieldServer B35XX Multiport Gateway

The FS-B35XX is designed to meet the needs of any system integrator in designing a complete interoperable system. The FS-B30XX Series brings together the powerful FieldServer driver library with state-of-the-art gateway design. The FS-B35XX comes in 6 different variations: B3510:This…
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Chipkin Support Policy

In a perfect world More than anything we want you to succeed. Typically, we will go the extra mile for you, but sometimes we cannot. That is why we want you to understand what kind of support we have committed to providing and where the line is drawn between our responsibilities and yours. Without previous configuration experience, the FieldServer is not an easy p…
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