Hunter ACC & Hunter ACC2

Intro to Hunter ACC Protocol Integration The Hunter ACC protocol can be used to connect to suitably enabled Hunter Industries controllers such as the ACC99 Irrigation Controller. The Driver can read and write data, change settings and issue commands to the irrigation system. A single gateway can connect to multiple controllers using t…
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What Our Customers Have Said Customer satisfaction means a great deal to us, we strive to provide the best possible service to our customers. See below for a list of endorsements from companies just like yours that we have helped. Rene - I must say at this point that your eagerness to help in any way…
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$100 Amazon Gift Card Giveaway - Ends December 31st, 2019

Enter for a chance to win: a Rafflecopter giveaway How To Enter Using the form to the left, please sign in using either Facebook or your email. Then, select FREE ENTRY and submit in order to see other opportunities on how to gain entries. Answer questio…
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Self-Driving Vehicles - Risks, Ethics, and You

In Case of an Accident Since 2013, self-driving vehicles have established themselves as a growing influence in our society. Whether they're delivering hot pizza, carrying bulk items in large trucks across interstate lines, or acting as a taxi in a busy city, autonomous (and semi-autonomous) vehicl…
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Blockchain Smart Contracts Are Dumber Than They Look

What is a Smart Contract? A smart contract is a software service embedded in a blockchain. Its developers claim that this makes the software transparent and unhackable. A trivial example of a smart contract is a lottery. The source code for how entries are processed and rewarded is embedded in the chain (…
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Vaisala Weather Transmitters

Intro to Vaisala Weather Transmitters Integration The Vaisala Weather ASCII Serial Driver is used to communicate with most Vaisala weather sensors and transmitters. This serial driver connects to a trunk of 1 or more Vaisala Weather Transmitters that support the Vaisala Ascii Protocol like the WXT530 transmitter. It is capable of read…
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Protocol Conversions

Chipkin Protocol Converters aka Protocol Gateways Chipkin provides solutions for over 200 Protocols and counting. With a speciality in Building Automation and Integration, Chipkin provides more than just Gateways, we also offer Data Clients, BACnet Routers, Stack, Software Tools, BACnet Explorer. Chipkin Provides solutions, not boxes. We…
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Understanding the Capabilities and Limitations of the I/NET Gateway

Introduction A gateway has two sides - Protocol 1 (example: Modbus) and Protocol 2 (example: BACnet) With protocols like Modbus, BACnet, Lonworks, GE EGD, FINS, and Ethernet/IP, we often program gateways using the data flow model shown in figure 1 (seen below). The field device with these protocols is mos…
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