What Our Customers Have Said Customer satisfaction means a great deal to us, we strive to provide the best possible service to our customers. See below for a list of endorsements from companies just like yours that we have helped. All I can say is Hitarth worked diligently configurating and troubleshooting…
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April 2020 - Chipkin Quarterly Newsletter

 Featured Content Amazon Employees Are Listening to your Alexa Recordings. Take Back Control With these Steps.…
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Amazon Employees Are Listening to Your Alexa Recordings. Take Back Control With These Steps

"Alexa, why are you spying on me?" - It has been documented that Amazon keeps your voice recordings when you use smart devices (such as Amazon Echo) and give voice instructions. The recording is not only stored, but also can be listened to by Amazon employees to improve Alexa’s artificial intelligence. They claim they…
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How to Export Multiple Excel sheets to CSV or Text Files Using Visual Basic

The Problem Using the basic functions in Excel, you are only able to save your entire worksheet as a text file or as a CSV. So, how do you convert multiple Excel sheets into separate CSV or text files? That's why we created the step-by-step guide below as a way to share with others how we solved th…
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CAS BACnet Stack

CAS BACnet Stack - BACnet Network Communication | Chipkin Automation Systems Intro to the BACnet Stack BACnet is a communications protocol for Building Automation and Control (BAC) networks that leverage the ASHRAE, ANSI, and ISO 16484-5 standard protocol. It is currently the most popular protocol use in Building Automation systems (BAS). Chipkin’s…
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Protocol Conversions

Chipkin Protocol Converters aka Protocol Gateways Chipkin provides solutions for over 200 Protocols and counting. With a speciality in Building Automation and Integration, Chipkin provides more than just Gateways, we also offer Data Clients, BACnet Routers, Stack, Software Tools, BACnet Explorer. Chipkin Provides solutions, not boxes. We…
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Chipkin Gateways

A Chipkin Gateway is a protocol converter that converts data from one protocol and makes it available to devices that support a different protocol. The Gateway typically sends polling messages, extracts any data values and stores the values in an internal database. The data is then made available via other protocol-specific formats.…
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Google is Tracking Your Every Move – Learn How To Stop Them

Google Knows Too Much About Us Have you ever stopped and wondered what happens when you use "free" Google services or products. Each time you search for a restaurant and then use Google Maps to drive there, it is all being recorded. Every search, every real location you visit, YouTube history etc. is…
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