Occupational health and safety policy


Chipkin Automation Systems Inc. (Chipkin) is firmly committed to a policy enabling all work activities to be carried out safely, and with all possible measures taken to remove (or at least reduce) risks to the health, safety and welfare of workers, contractors, authorized visitors, and anyone else who may be affected by our operations. We are committed to ensuring we comply with the Occupational Health and Safety laws and regulations that apply federally and in the province/state where you work.

Employees at every level, including senior management, managers and employees are responsible and accountable for the company’s overall safety initiatives. Complete and active participation by everyone, every day, in every job is necessary for the safety of all workers on the job site.

Management supports participation in the program by all employees and provides proper equipment, training and procedures. Employees are responsible for following all procedures, working safely, and, wherever possible, improving safety measures.

Note: The safety information in this policy does not take precedence over the Occupational Health and Safety laws and regulations that apply federally and in the province/state where you work. All employees should be familiar with these laws.

Employees responsibilities include the following:

  • Work in compliance with OH&S acts and regulations.
  • Use personal protective equipment and clothing as directed by the employer.
  • Report workplace hazards and dangers to the manager or employer.
  • Work in a safe manner as required by the employer and use the prescribed safety equipment. Tell the supervisor or employer about any missing or defective equipment or protective device that may be dangerous.
  • Employees must understand and comply with the three basic rights outlined by OH&S Act: The right to refuse unsafe work; the right to participate in the workplace health and safety activities; and the right to know, or the right to be informed about, actual and potential dangers in the workplace.
  • Foreign Workers: shall be treated as if they were subject to the laws and regs of BC.
  • When an employee attends a site for a job they are to act as observers and a consultants. It is the customer and its agents that are responsible for power, connecting, configuring etc. The employee shall ask the host to identify any site specific risks they may face in the location and context of their work.

Management responsibilities include the following:

  • Provide a statement of policy relating to the health and safety program.
  • Maintain overall responsibility for the health and safety program.
  • Ensure that all established health and safety policies are administered and enforced in all areas.
  • Ensure that all personnel are aware of and effectively practice the policies and procedures set out in the health and safety program.
  • Provide information, instructions, and assistance to all supervisory staff in order to protect the health and safety of all employees.
  • Do not keep secrets. Do not hide / cover up problems or failures. All employees and agents are expected to report problems, failures, and bad news immediately to their manager so that it can be acted on promptly. Report problems that might affect a customer to them, so they can manage their projects effectively.
  • Understand and enforce the incident prevention policy as well as the occupational health and safety legislation.
  • Provide all supervisory staff with proper, well-maintained tools and equipment, plus any personal protective devices which may be required.
  • Provide ongoing health and safety education.
  • Monitor departments and projects and hold them accountable for their individual health and safety performance.
  • Record and analyze information on injuries, illness, damage, and production loss.
  • Assess incident trends and review overall safety performances.
  • Keep up to date with recommended codes of practice and new health and safety literature.

Application of this policy

We seek the co-operation of all workers, customers, and other persons. We encourage suggestions for realising our health and safety objectives to create a safe working environment with a zero-accident rate.

This policy applies to all business operations and functions, including those situations where workers are required to work off-site.

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