BACnet Explorer - What is the BACnet MSTP network stats page

The MSTP network stats page can be used to help determine problems with your MSTP network. For example, with it, you can determine:

  • If both "Sent_frame" and "Recv_ frame " are increasing. If they are, then you probably have the correct baud rate.
  • If the "PS" (poll station) keeps cycling and the "NS" (Next station) is equal to "TS" (This station), then the CAS BACnet explorer is attempting to find its next master.
    •  The CAS BACnet Explorers MAC address must be unique on the MSTP network or the CAS BACnet Explorer will never find its next master.
  • If the "Wasted CPU Cycles", "Resource problems" or "Lost_token" stats are increasing, that means that the computer in which CAS BACnet Explorer is installed is having problems keeping up with the MSTP token passing.
  • If "Header_crc_error" and "Data_crc_error" are increasing with "Sent_frame" and "Recv_ frame", there's probably some noise on the network that needs to be resolved.

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