CAS BACnet Explorer – Manually adding a device across a subnet.

The CAS BACnet Explorer can poll devices across subnets as long as the devices information is already known.


  1. Start the CAS BACnet Explorer
  2. Click the “Discover” button on the main CAS BACnet Explorer dialog. The Discovery” dialog should pop up.
  3. Click the “Manually add Device/Object” button on the discover dialog. The Add Object” dialog should pop up.
  4. Fill out this dialog with the information about your device/object and click the “Add” button
  5. The new object will be added to the CAS BACnet Explorer tree. This does not mean that the CAS BACnet Explorer has made a connection to this object.
  6. Select and right click on the device from the CAS BACnet Explorer tree. Select discover from the context menu. The “Discover dialog should appear with the “discover devices’s properties” and “Discover objects” check boxes checked.
  7. Click the “Send” button on the discover dialog.

If you get a “Err #1: request timed out” error message then the CAS BACnet Explorer could not make contact with the BACnet device via direct connection.

Otherwise the device profile will be filled out with the objects and properties of the device

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