Case Study - CATM5X and Veeder root QuickServer Replacement Integration

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On a site, a client had 5 very old FieldServer devices that he had purchased and installed from a different supplier. The devices were very old and appeared to be malfunctioning. They wanted to replace these old devices with the newer FieldServer QuickServer devices from Chipkin. They also wanted Chipkin to diagnose the problem and configure the new FieldServer Quickservers to communicate the same points as the old devices.

Out of the 5 pre-existing FieldServer devices, 3 were integrating the CATM5X data onto the BACnet IP Network and the last two 2 were integrating Veeder root data onto the same Network.

The client wanted Chipkin to use the same configuration files from their pre-existing FieldServer devices. In essence, the client wanted Chipkin to ensure that all the original points integrated with the old devices were still available with the new FieldServer QuickServers.

However, when working on such replacements where a device is very old, it is difficult to diagnose where the fault/malfunction is coming from. There are many variables at play when it comes to the replacements of very old Fieldserver device installations, including but not limited to;

  • There could be changes or updates made to the software or firmware loaded onto the devices from where the data has been received by the FieldServer device – in this case the CATM5X Devices and Veeder root devices.
  • Someone may have done some updates on the configuration file on the FieldServer device in the past as their operations have changed on the FieldServer – resulting in data communications malfunction.
  • Somethings such as firmware or software version may have changed or updated on their BACnet IP monitoring platform (such as BMS) in recent years and that may have resulted in the data communications malfunction.

Factors such as the ones listed above can break communication and require a new config file in order to troubleshoot any possible discrepancy, when this happens, we need to be extra cautious to the details in order to serve all the points which were being served by the previous integration.

Chipkin’s approach to the solution

Chipkin agreed that the old FIeldServer Gateways needed to be replaced and recommended custom configuration services as a solution to complete the integration.

Chipkin support engineer explained to the client, the above risk factors, and what steps support engineer and the client’s engineer/s can take to avoid possible errors.

Chipkin support engineer then went ahead and updated the original configuration files which the client provided from the 5 pre-existing FieldServer devices, to match the updated technology on the new range of FieldServer devices.

Chipkin then organized a remote login troubleshooting session with the client’s engineer/s to load the updated configuration files onto their respective 5 new FieldServer devices.

Chipkin support engineers then guided the client’s engineer/s on how to confirm within the Web GUI of the new QuickServer device/s that the appropriate Date from the CATM5X and Veeder root device is communicated in the data arrays section of their respective QuickServers devices.

The client reported that they were able to receive the data onto all the new FieldServer QuickServer devices they replaced and that the data communications were okay. The client was very happy and satisfied with the assistance they received from Chipkin.

With the successful completion of this project, Chipkin earned a happy client.

As a comment, the client provided Chipkin with the following kind words:

“I just wanted to drop you a line to thank you for your help with our recent field server project. Your expertise is much appreciated. With your support Cody, our tech, was able to complete the job ahead of schedule and the customer is very pleased.”

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