How to take a Diagnostic Log on a QuickServer/FieldServer

Taking a Diagnostic Log using a FieldServer UI

  1. Open a browser and type the IP address of the QuickServer into the address bar. The Default IP address is

  2. On the left-hand side navigation panel, click the “Diagnostics” link:

  3. On the diagnostics page click the “start” button under the “Full Diagnostic” section:
    • The diagnostic will take 300 seconds (5 mins). If you are taking a log because of an intermittent issue, then please attempt to reproduce the issue while the log is being taken.

  4. Once the log has been completed a “Download” button will appear. Click the “Download” button to download the diagnostic log.
  5. Send the diagnostic log to Chipkin support ([email protected]) using one of the following free services to send large files.

  6. More Support: FieldServer Toolbox and Graphic User Interface (FS-GUI) Manual

Another way to Receive Fast Support & Expert Service by Chipkin

If you run into an issue with a QuickServer / FieldServer that you purchased from us and you would like our assistance, please follow these steps. Chipkin is dedicated to ongoing support and customer satisfaction. When you buy from Chipkin: We don't sell boxes, we sell solutions.

  • Step 1: Click Here to Download the Sierra Monitor FieldServer Toolbox
  • Step 2: Once installed, run the tool and it will discover the gateway. Next, click on the Diagnostic Icon seen in the image below:

  • Step 3: Start the Diagnostic Tool


  • Step 4: Once the diagnostic test is complete, email the files to [email protected]. Please include the following information for faster assistance:
    • Your name and Company name
    • FieldServer/QuickServer Model #
    • Phone Number
    • Details about the issue
    • Original order ID & date of purchase

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