ModbusRTU - What is a ModHopper wireless transceiver

modhopper.jpgThe ModHopper wireless transceiver is a premier, low-cost product for building automation applications developed by the Obvius Corporation that supports Modbus and pulse equipment (i.e. sensors, meters, etc.), along with related networks. The ModHopper transceiver is best suited for energy monitoring in either industrial or commercial structures.

The ModHopper wireless transceiver provides the user with a variety of features. Among its features, this device includes a "mesh" network design introduced by the Obvius Corporation. Mesh technology is a self-contained networking system that allows reliable routing and lessens radio signal interference, and requires no further hardware or software modification from the user. The devices are able to recognize and operate with one another. The Obvius ModHopper transceiver accepts basic pulse inputs or Modbus/ RS485 equipment. The transceiver allows approximately 130 RS485 devices to be connected to any Modbus network. The ModHopper transceiver functions through certain bands controlled by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). These open FCC bands are referred to as the ISM or Instrumentation, Scientific, and Medical bands, which range in frequency from 400 Mhz to 5.0 Ghz depending on the user's location. The Obvius Corporation offers the user a low or high power version of the ModHopper transceiver. The additional combination of the ModHopper transceiver and the Obvius Corporation's AcquiSuite Data Acquisition Server (DAS) will provide the user with a more reliable connectivity option. The Obvius Corporation can provide the user 3 versions of AcquiSuite servers with varying features. The basic features of the AcquiSuite server includes the collection and movement of energy data (i.e. power, temperature, humidity, etc.), an automatic detect feature for Modbus equipment (i.e. Veris Enercept meters), and the ability to use standard browsers (i.e. Internet Explorer) to manipulate hardware with no extra software needed.

RS485 is the standard for the actual connection of Modbus devices. RS485 is considered to be a balanced line for serial transmissions. Modbus is the protocol required in automation products for serial communication through RS485 lines. The maximum distance of RS485 transmissions may not exceed 4000 feet. The proper connection configuration for these devices requires them to be linked in a "chain" formation, and avoid other configurations.

The Obvius Corporation is based in Hillsboro, Oregon. The corporation's goal is to provide automation products with a focus on energy monitoring applications such as gas, water, electricity, and others, that help maintain effective operation. The Obvius website provides the user with introductory and advanced information on the ModHopper transceiver and the AcquiSuite server, and best way to utilize their products.

  • Obvius corporate website
  • More information on Modhopper
  • Low powered version 300 ft
  • High powered version 1500 ft
  • Modbus Test utility

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