ModbusTCP - What do you have that can help me convert my Modbus TCP data


We have module solutions which allow integration directly into Modbus TCP as well as the stand-alone solutions shown bottom right.

Range of Conversion Solutions

We know that project requirements can vary. That's why we have various units with varying resources and multi port devices. We also have OEM and embedded solutions too.

FS20 Series1x RS232/4851x Ethernet1x Lonworks  
FS25 Series2x RS232/4851x Ethernet    
FS30 Series2x RS232 and 2x RS4852x Ethernet1x LonworksFieldBus Support:eg Profibus, DeviceNet etcHot Standby Support
FS40 Series10x RS232 and 2x RS4852x Ethernet1x LonworksFieldBus Support: eg DH+, MB+, Profibus, DeviceNet etcHot Standby Support
SlotServer1x RS232/4851x Ethernet1x LonworksFor Rockwell ControlLogix 5600

Lonworks and Fieldbus are options not provided on base models.


Block Diagram

FS30 series shown for purposes of illustration. Capability depends on hardware, firmware and configuration.



Supported Modbus Functions

01 Read Discrete Output Status (0xxxx)02 Read Discrete Input Status (1xxxx)03 Read Output Registers (4xxxx)04 Read Input Registers (3xxxx)05 Force Single Coil (0xxxx)06 Preset Single Register (4xxxx)15 Force Multiple Coils (0xxxx)16 Preset Multiple Registers (4xxxx)

Supported Data Types



16 Bit Integer Signed

16 Bit Integer Unsigned

32 Bit Integer Signed

32 Bit Integer Unsugned

32 Bit Packed Bit

8 Bit Packed Bit

4 byte FLoating Point Numbers

Scaling / Bit Packing

FieldServers can scale data and manipulate values using some binary logic and arithmetic functions. Scaling can be applied to each block of Modbus Data read / served.

  • Move to change type : Convert from any FIeldServer Data Type to any other.
  • Move to pack/unpack bits and bytes: It's possible to address each bit in a 8,16 or 32 bit data element by using the packed data types.
  • Move to change byte/word order: Handle the endianess of the remote system easily.
  • Convert to/from Float, MK10, IEE754, 32 bit, 16 bit, 8 bit numbers
  • Move conditionally:
  • Perform Arithmetic Operation: + - * div sqrt, sqr ,
  • Perform Binary Logic Operation: And, Or, Not, >, >= , <, <=

Most functions can be configured to occur on a configurable period or on update of the data source.


Hot Standby

It's possible to configure selected FiedlServer models to act in Hot Standby Mode. In one flavour of Hot Standby the two units are kept up to date all the time sharing the data from the field. In another mode, one unit is passive until it sees that the active unit is no longer responding.

Port Expansion

FieldServer can easily be configured to allows a Modbus RTU client to talk to a ModbusTCP server and vice versa. You do not need to tell the FIeldServer which registers to map from one to the other. You simply conifgure the FieldServer telling it which port and protocol to use for each node.

Data Sheets and Manuals

PDF gif Image  -  Data Sheet FieldServer Driver - Ethernet - FS-8704-03 - Modbus TCP

PDF gif Image  -  Manual - FieldServer Driver - Ethernet - FS-8704-03 - Modbus TCP

PDF gif Image  -  Data Sheet - CAS2500-02 - ModbusTCP Data Client

PDF gif Image  -  Data Sheet - CAS2500-02-UL - ModbusTCP Data Client

PDF gif Image  -  Data Sheet - CAS2500-03 - ModbusTCP/RTU Data Client

PDF gif Image  -  Data Sheet - CAS2500-03-UL - ModbusTCP/RTU Data Client

Free Guide

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