Simple Steps to Install FieldServer EDS files on a Rockwell PLC

About This Guide

This guide provides step-by-step instructions on installing FieldServer EDS files on an Ethernet IP Rockwell PLC. It covers loading the fserver.eds file into RSLogix5000 or Studio5000, including the "FieldServer EIP Adapter" module in the project's Ethernet modules, adjusting tag formats and sizes, and setting the data production frequency.

By following these instructions, users can seamlessly integrate the FieldServer with their Rockwell PLC for efficient data exchange.

First thing first, here is the link to the FieldServer EDS zip Files

QuickServer Image

Instructions on installing FieldServer EDS files on a Rockwell PLC

Now, let's get started:

Step 1: Load fserver.eds to RSlogix5000 or Studio5000. To do that:

  • Put fserver.eds anywhere on the disk!
  • Launch Studio5000.
  • Go to Tools-> EDS Hardware Installation Tool.
  • Follow the instruction and browse to fserver.eds and complete the wizward successfully.

Step 2: Include “FieldServer EIP Adapter” module to the project’s Ethernet modules.

  • Right-click on “ethernet” then click on New Module.
  • Logix Designer Module Properties Ethernet

  • Select “FieldServer EIP Adapter” and press Create!
  • Select Module Type EIP Adapter

  • On the General tab, specify the module name (any string) and correct IP address of FieldServer and press the “Change” button.
  • EIP Adapter New Module

    By default, Studio5000 creates tags of SINT format, we need to match size and format with that of FieldServer configuration.

    Module Definition

  • To change the format – click on SINT and choose the correct format.
  • Module Definition Format SINT

  • To change the size, click on size number e.g. 20 in this example.
  • Module Definition change number Size

  • Click OK when done.
  • To adjust how often data should get produced, select the connection tab, and adjust RPI.

    New Module Connection adjust RPI

  • Press OK, and it will create FieldServer module under the Ethernet tree.
  • Logix Designer Ethernet Tree

The studio will create corresponding tags as well.

Logix Designer Corresponding Tags

Download this project to PLC and PLC will start exchanging data with FieldServer!

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