Allen Bradley DF1 Integration: Gateways, Services, Resources

Intro to DF1

The Allen-Bradley DF1 Driver is used to communicated with most Allen Bradley RS232 interface modules manufactured by Rockwell Automation. It is an asynchronous byte-oriented protocol that provides a reliable way to connect Allen-Bradley DF1 devices to client applications; including HMI, SCADA, Historian, MES, ERP, and countless custom applications. Automation Allen Bradley_03-18-44-26.png

The DF1 driver supports Allen-Bradley Micrologix, SLC500, and PLC5 series PLCs and consists of link layer and application layer formats and it works over half duplex and full duplex modes of communication.

QuickServers for DF1

The DF1 QuickServer (QS) is a high-performance, fully configurable, and cost-effective protocol gateway for integrating any Rockwell Automation Allen-Bradley DF1 System.

The Gateway comes enhanced (500 points) and connects to RS232 ports. Chipkin knows this protocol to source code level. We offer expert support (Level 1,2) and configuration from day 1.

DF1 FieldServer gateways are available for over 150+ different protocol conversions. Take a look at our complete list. Or, please Contact Us for a free consultation or quote. Side by Side w SKU_24-16-55-10.jpg no BG smaller.png

Multiport Gateway for DF1

The FS-B3510 is one of the FS-X30 Series FieldServers designed to meet the needs of any system integrator.

The FS-B30 Series brings together the powerful FieldServer driver library with state-of-the-art gateway design. It supports 1,000 points which can be updrageded to 10,000 points allowing it to easily handle just about anything with no slowdown in performance.

Chipkin provides DF1 gateways for a wide number of conversions. Please Contact Us for a free consultation.

DF1 Block Diagram DF1_03-18-45-51.jpg

Description of the DF1 Driver

The DF1 driver allows the FieldServer to transfer data to and from devices over RS-232 using DF1 protocol. The FieldServer can emulate either a Server or Client.

BACnet for Field Technicians (Free!)

Learning about BACnet? Want to update your BACnet knowledge? This free EBook will guide you through basic and advanced BACnet topics.

You can purchase a hardcopy of this book from Amazon or you can download the BACnet for Field Technicians for free from our website.

BACnet for Field Technicians

Purchase a FieldServer or CAS Gateway from us that contains any BACnet protocol and we will help you test and document the BACnet interface by providing a free full license to the CAS BACnet Explorer and a Hardcopy of the BACnet booklet.

The USB key and booklet ships with the product.

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