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Copyright and License Notice

Chipkin Automation Systems Inc (Chipkin)

BACnet API and Modbus API as Source Code Product

Changing this file in any way without the written permission of Chipkin Automation Systems Inc. is a violation of your license agreement. This notice is integral to the product. It may not be removed or changed under any circumstances.


The name of the company to which this product has been licensed is identified in the file name licensee.h which is a component of this product and as such may not be changed or separated. That company is referred to as the Licensee.

A full and detailed license agreement exists between Chipkin and the Licensee. Amongst other things, it prohibits the unauthorized use, copying or distribution of these files or parts thereof. Such acts can harm Chipkin and cause financial loss. You may be responsible for the loss and consequent reparations. If you have any doubt about your rights or obligations with respect to this file, its use or how it forms a component of the delivered Chipkin product then please consult with Chipkin or a suitable manager of the company identified as the Licensee. Separating components of the product is also prohibited. Thus, you may not re-arrange the files or components, rename them, consolidate them, delete any, or copy/transfer a single component item.

Publisher Information and Contact information

This Product is published by Chipkin. A Company registered in the province of British Columbia, Canada.

Chipkin can be contacted by email at [email protected] or in writing at 3381 Cambie St, #211 Vancouver, BC, Canada, V5Z 4R3

Reward: Chipkin offers a reward to anyone who helps expose violations of the license agreement.

Copyright Information

Chipkin is the holder of the copyright on the published Product. This copyright is asserted for 2005, the year in which it was first published. Peter M Chipkin is the copyright holder of the intellectual property and algorithms contained in the Product. He has granted a license to Chipkin to publish this application/information and to sell and support the product. This copyright is asserted for 2005, the year in which the intellectual property was first developed.

Unique Identifiers

These files have unique identifiers that have been customized for the Licensee to create a unique and verifiable version.

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