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When using the CAS BACnet Explorer, a user can export the information to an Engineering Data Exchange (or EDE) .csv document.

To export to EDE follow these steps:

1. Do a Discover Action

Perform a discover action.  Make sure when discovering to also discover the objects and object’s properties.


2. Right-Click a Device and Select Export to EDE

 a discovered device to bring up the right-click menu.  From this menu, select the Export to EDE menu option to begin the EDE export process.

3. Fill in the EDE Option Fields

 project information into the text fields.  These fields populate the informational portion of the EDE file.  These fields consist of the Project Name, the Version of the Reference File, and the Author of Last Change.

4. Browse to the Save File Location

 on the Browse… button to open up the file browser.  Browse to where the files will be saved.  Enter in a name for the files (Note: this name is not used when generating the files.  The Project Name is used instead).  Once the location has been selected, click the Save button.  The EDE dialog will be updated with the File Save Location. Tip: Refer to the Note in the dialog.

5. Select which Files to Create

Check the boxes to select which files to create.  The EDE.csv file contains the list of the device’s objects and properties in EDE format.  The Units.csv file contains a complete list of all units that could be used.  The ObjectTypes.csv files contains a list of possible object types, or in this instance, BACnet object types.

6. Click the Export Button

Once all the fields have been completed, click the Export button to begin exporting.  When the export is complete, the directory where the files were to be saved will open allowing the user to view the newly created files.

7. View the Created Files

The files will be generated in the File Save Location.  To view them, simply use Microsoft Excel, or any software that can process a .csv (or comma separated value) file.


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