Electric Vehicle Battery Tech Forecast and Future Market Trends

Technology Forecast for Electric Vehicle Battery Technology and Future Electric Vehicle Market Estimation



    • Graphene Based car batteries- Grabat– having a range of 500 miles!
    • Graphene batteries are the future. One company has developed a new battery, called Grabat, which could offer electric cars a driving range of up to 500 miles on a charge.
    • Graphenano, the company behind the development, says the batteries can be charged to full in just a few minutes. It can charge and discharge 33 times faster than lithium-ion. Discharge is also crucial for things like cars that want vast amounts of power in order to pull away quickly.

    • The capacity of the 2.3V Grabat is huge with around 1000 Wh/kg which compares to lithium ion's current 180 Wh/kg.

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