Toilet Automation and Why Not!

Toilet Automation?? – Yep, You heard it Right!

When it comes to Home automation, whether you're remodeling your bathroom or you're just considering a new toilet, smart toilets are gaining the attention. Though there are many types of smart toilets, check out this list of basic features / functions:

- Automatic flushing

- Heated seating

- Overflow protection

- Water savings and power sources

- Massaging bidet wash

- Air dryer

- Foot warmer

- Remote control

- Self-cleaning features

- Built-in sensors that alert you to possible tank leaks

- Self-deodorizer

- Emergency flushing system during power outages

- Nightlight

- Slow closing lid

- Bluetooth and MP3 capabilities so you can listen to tunes while you go

The very basic feature of a smart toilet is to get flushed without being touched. This happens when a sensor (Presence detection/ Remote controlled panel etc.,) detects the user inputs and then activates the mechanism for flushing.

If you're cursed with family members who forget to flush, the first type of sensor is ideal! The perk of having a sensor instead of a handle is that germs won't get transferred from hands to the toilet and then to the next person who flushes.

Smart toilets save water, but they also use electricity, so their environmental benefit is questionable. But, you'll see a difference to your water consumption. Smart toilets sense how much water is needed and flush using just the right amount. The smaller flushes can use as little as 0.6 gallons per flush (GPF). A basic toilet that doesn't have smart flush technology uses around 1.6 gallons.

The flipside? All of that swanky technology needs power. There are two power options. Some smart toilets use batteries to power their smart functions, while others need to be connected to your home's wiring system. The battery option is best for those who don't want to call an electrician, though a wired system may suit you if you'd rather not regularly change your toilet's batteries.

Japanese High-Tech Toilets- - is it the only country that is so out there?

Japan regularly enchants visitors with its history and culture. The electronic toilet has proven to be a perfect match for the Japanese sense of cleanliness.

In the half century since their invention they have become a standard fixture in a majority of homes. According to the 2014 Cabinet Office survey of consumption trends, 76% of households in Japan own one or more of the appliances.

High-tech toilets originated in the United States and Switzerland, where they were designed for use in hospitals and care facilities. Japanese toilet makers Toto and Lixil began importing the items in 1964. Lixil produced the first domestic variety, known as the “shower” toilet, for home use in 1967, followed in 1980 by Toto’s Washlet toilet.

How Much Does is Cost for the Upgrade?

Well, it totally depends on the features that is required for the buyer. Typically it starts from 400 USD to 8000USD and beyond! Some of the manufacturers are OVE, TOTO, ROCA, KOHLER, DXV etc.,

At CES, 2018 –

Kohler's Numi gives the multifunctional toilet. Compatibility with Amazon's Alexa technology means you can ask your virtual assistant to do things like lift the toilet seat, prepare the bidet, or even play songs from your stored playlists. It's all made possible through Kohler Konnect, a new interface that allows for voice control and hands-free sensors on the company's latest projects.

"Voice services and connected devices have become integrated into every facet of the home—with the notable exception of the bathroom," Kohler president and CEO David Kohler said in a statement announcing the new releases. "Until now." He has a point. Until now, many of the smart home developments have been in the security, entertainment, and lighting areas—few as of yet have touched plumbing, and none, as Kohler points out, has taken to the toilet.

Take a detailed look at the Kohler Konnect:

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