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KNX Protocol

Learn about the KNX Protocol with our easy 10-Minute Course! We explore the KNX System Components, Network Structure, Topology, Configuration Modes, Advantages and Disadvantages, Hardware and Software, Real-World Applications, the Security Model...Read More!

IP vs. Gigabit

IPv4, IPv6, Gigabit Ethernet! Are they the same? Or how are they interrelated? Get an in-depth look at the similarities and the differences between the protocols. Learn about Data Rates, Cables, Advantages and Disadvantages, Legacy Issues, Interesting Facts, Growth...Read More!

FREE Download - CAS BACnet Wireshark Report Tool

The Chipkin BACnet Wireshark Report Tool is a tool to help debug problematic device installations on sites with BACnet networks.


CAS BACnet Stack Update - Now Available!

Chipkin is happy to announce that we have done a complete revamp of our CAS BACnet Stack. The new stack will meets the standards for BACnet Protocol Revision 19 and includes a vast array of new features along with improved memory management for low resource devices.

We invite you to check out our press release for more detailed information. 

Cyber Attack Series:    

  • Smart Locks Can Be Hacked

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    Cyber Attack; The Looming Automation Crisis         

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    Brainiacs - Dangers of Nylon

    Enter for a Chance to Win: CAS BACnet Explorer w/key OR Two Digital Multimeters by Neoteck!

    Giveaway Ends September 5th, 2018

    Congratulations to Tristan H. for being our March 2018 Newsletter winner! As a bonus, we also provided 10 additional keys for CAS BACnet Explorer. 

    Kyle Peters has been named as the winner of the May 2018 Newsletter giveaway! Kyle was awarded a FREE CAS BACnet Explorer.

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