GE Lighting LightSweep

GE Lighting LightSweepâ„¢ Modular Lighting Control System

As the official authorized service provider for GE lighting controls, Chipkin acts both as a Distributor and a support engine for GE Lighting's LightSweep System. On a daily basis, we sell, support, commission, and troubleshoot LightSweep systems. We know the technology inside out and are trusted by the manufacturer to take you from the initial consultations to the completion of the project.

GE Lighting LightSweep Modular Control System consists of four Components:

  • CLCTUBxx: Metal Tub
  • CLCCOVxx: Metal Cover
  • CLCINTERxx: Interion with Optional Modules
  • CLCXFRxx: 120/277 or 347 VAC Transformer Panel_13-17-07-35.png

Chipkin also offers retrofit kits to protect your current investment, but upgrade your controls to the newest models. The retrofit kits are inexpesive and easy to install.

GE Lighting LightSweepâ„¢ Modular Lighting Control Systems

Below is a list of Lighting Control Systems based on the number of relays required. Use any of these systems to upgrade an old GE lighting System or install a new one. GE Lighting new LightSweep modular light control system features separate modules that snap into place to simplify and customize installations. Also available are retrofit kits to upgrade the legacy Total Lighting Contol (TLC) Systems.

Photos are approximations of product appearance.

Click here for a complete list of LightSweep Lighting components and Lighting Control Systems.

GE Lighting LighSweepâ„¢ Modules

CLCRM6/RMS6: 6 Relay Control Module (and with 6 Direct-Control Switch Inputs)

The CLCRMx6 Relay Module will connect up to six RR style relays to the modular lighting control system.

The CLCRMx6 image to the right provides control of up to six relays per module allowing a lighting panel to be built up based on the number of relays the panel requires and reducing costs. This also allows for simple expansion of a panel to add in additional modules and relays until the panel capacity is reached.

The CLCRMS6 image below, version of the module has six 2-position (On/Off) terminals with pilot/locator functionality. These terminals allow for 3-wire and 2-wire Momentary and Maintained switch operation based on how the switches are wired to the terminals.


  • Controls up to 6 relays with or without feedback
  • Optional relay control via 6 hardwired switch inputs
  • Color-coded spring-type terminals for switch wiring
  • Pushbutton programming capable for basic operation
  • Toggle relay state via pushbutton
  • Jumper selectable for Pilot or Location switch functionality
  • Communicating on CAN lighting network

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CLCGSM8: 8 Group Input Module

The CLCGSM8 Group Switch Module will connect up to eight inputs to the Modular Lighting Control System. Through the color-coded spring clip terminals, the device supports switches, photocells and motion sensors.

  • Connects up to 8 inputs
  • Inputs can be configured for switches, photocells or motion sensors
  • Color-coded spring-type terminals for switch wiring
  • Pushbutton programming capable for basic operation
  • Toggle switch state via pushbutton
  • Jumper selectable for binary contacts or analog photocell
  • Communicating on CAN lighting network

The CLCGSM8 provides a way to map a variety of system input devices such as switches, motion sensors and photocells to relays and smaller nested lighting groups. Status indication on the device is derived from the status of the devices which is under its control providing immediate useful feedback about them. Pushbutton programming allows users to quickly program basic group switch to relay associations, while more advanced motion sensor and photocell operation is programmed via software or the dataline scheduler.

CLCPIM: Power Injector Module

The CLCPIM Power Injector Module is used to provide 24 VAC power to field devices (network switches) or can be used in relay panels instead of the CLCGSM8 if there is no need for Group Switching.

  • Provides network continuity and power for field devices or relay panels.

The CLCPIM can be used in relay panels if no group switching or dimming functions are required. It allows the expansion of the number of switches connected to the dataline.

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CLCDIM4: 4 Channel Dimming Module

The CLCDIM4 dimming module controls four dimming channels. Through the color-coded spring terminals, the device provides 0-10V dimming controlled by a photocell for daylighting operations, as well as advanced scene control.

  • Connects up to 4 photocell inputs
  • Connects up to 4 0-10V dimming outputs
  • Color-coded spring-type terminals for photocell and ballast
  • Closed-loop daylighting control build into the channel
  • LED output indications
  • Jumper selectable for network or transformer power
  • Communicating on CAN lighting network

The CLCDIM4 provides daylighting and analog scene control to the CLC system. The channels daylighting setpoint or analog outputs can be controlled using switches so that operation is coordinated with On/Off relay control of the circuits.

CLCDLS: Touchscreen Dataline Scheduler

The CLCDLS touchscreen Scheduler provides 8 schedules to control any relays or groups in the lighting system. It also provides astronomical clock information, calculating sunrise and sunset times based on UTC and location. 8 additional lighting control groups are available for Common Area control or other grouping needs.

The device is powered off the same structured cabling which powers the CLCSWTx Network Switches and provides a user interface into the network for configuring any device in the network independent of where it is located.


  • 3.5" Full-Color Touchscreen
  • 8 weekly schedules with up to 8 durations per day
  • Single or recurring exceptions to each schedule
  • Real-time clock with Super-cap backup
  • Configuration interface for the entire lighting network
  • Astronomical clock functionality
  • 8 additional programmable groups
  • Powered from CAN lighting network

The CLCDLS can turn On and/or Off up to 60 individual relays or lighting control groups for each schedule, with scheduling exceptions or astro functionality. Any lighting control group in the network may enable or disable functionality based on time of day by subscribing to any schedule.

CLCBNET: BACnet Interface Module

The CLCBNET controller expands the features of a stand-alone Lighting Control System to a fully programmable with computer front-end system, with capability for seamless integration to EMS using the BACnet protocol. It is a fully programmable native BACnet controller, supporting the BACnet MS/TP, BACnet over Ethernet and BACnet IP.

The CLCBNET maps the lighting system’s objects: relays, analog I/O’s (dimming channels, photocell inputs) and provides control and schedule functionality.


  • Controls up to 99 CAN devices
  • Dynamically learns all devices on the CAN bus and displays the object configuration
  • Allows for remote programming and monitoring via Ethernet or TCP/IP
  • Push-button switch for automatic program transfer to CAN devices
  • Custom programming
  • Event logging and trending, alarming

CLCBNET is used for applications requiring computer front-end for programming and monitoring, integration to EMS using the BACnet protocol, web interface for lighting control system. campus applications with remote buildings or multi-site companies.

CLCSWTx: Preconfigured (1 to 8) Button Network Switch

The CLCSWT Network Switch uses capacitive touch technology to eliminate the lifecycle issues usually present in mechanical switches. The touch areas can be user configured for 1, 2, 4 and 8 buttons per gang and fit in a standard decor style switch plate cover to allow for whatever look the designer wants. Simple switch labeling provides designers with infinite flexibility for background and text color along with font choices.

LED indicators for each button show the status of the lights under its control. Basic programming can be done through the same simple pushbutton programming which is present in the Relay and Group Switch modules, while advanced setup is handled through the Scheduler and software interfaces.


  • User configurable for 1, 2, 4 or 8 buttons
  • LED status for each button
  • Fits standard decor style light switch plate cover
  • Pushbutton programming capable for basic operation
  • Customizable labeling
  • Powered off the lighting network structured cabling
  • Communicating on CAN lighting network

The CLCSWT Network Switch provides the best in functionality and flexibility. Décor style plate sizing allows for off-the-shelf plate covers in all available colors, while the one piece label can be printed using color printers to match any color or style imaginable.

The configurable number of buttons can expand as the installation does allow the same switch to operate more circuits without having to swap out hardware. LED status of the controlled circuits is based on real feedback from the system.

CLCTSIx: 1-Operator Display, 2-BACnet Manager, 3-Embedded WEB server

The CLCTSIx is a 7-inch diagonal, high resolution, wide-screen format, color LCD touchscreen used for interfacing with the LightSweepâ„¢ modular lighting control system. The CLCTSix uses BACnet over Ethernet to communicate with controllers on a local area network. User-created graphics allow the CLCTSIx to be completely customized for a given application.

The CLCBNET controller keeps track of the lighting system’s objects. Such as: Analog I/O’s (dimming channels, photocell inputs), relays, and provides control and scheduling functionality.


  • High resolution, wide-screen display
  • Touchscreen interface, no stylus required
  • Attractive, modern design, install in any location
  • Panel, wall, new and retrofit wallboard mounting
  • Create custom graphics using GE software
  • Modify controller schedules and calendars
  • Display and acknowledge alarms
  • Change setpoints, monitor inputs, and outputs
  • Multiple users and passwords for restricting access
  • Supports BACnet over Ethernet communications
  • Firmware can be flash loaded over the network

The CLCTSIx allows operators to monitor and manage LightSweep™ modular lighting control system via the CLCBnet controller by using custom real-time graphics. Designed to be mounted in small spaces, the CLCTSIx can be wall or panel mounted in an administrative area, allowing for light monitoring, setting time schedules or changing the output level for scene control – or changing the setpoint for daylight harvesting It can also be used as a Master Switch station to control the lighting in different sections in the building using custom graphic screens representing the floor layouts.

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