BACnet SC, Chipkin and Plugfest

BACnet SC (BACnet Secure Connect) is the latest add-on feature to the BACnet Protocol. It is one of the largest addendums to the protocol and one of the most important. It is a feature that BACnet International has been promoting as it provides the means to create secure communications connections between edge devices, Building Automation Systems (BAS), and the cloud.

In essence, it adds the ability to secure communications of all devices within a BAS and the cloud. For a detailed description, please read the BACnet SC Whitepaper linked here.

Chipkin is excited to announce that it has been working diligently to add the BACnet SC feature to our CAS BACnet Stack as well as to redesign and improve the popular CAS BACnet Explorer tool to support BACnet SC. Chipkin is also excited to launch the CAS BACnet RPC application which will support BACnet SC later this year. We will be participating in Plugfest on April 20th, 2022, and hope to see you all there.

Featured products for Testing:

1) CAS BACnet Stack 4.0

CAS BACnet Stack is one of the most recognized stacks in the market. Chipkin will be releasing its latest version, the CAS BACnet Stack 4.0, which will support Protocol Revision 19 and include BACnet SC as well as events and alarms. All major features that our clients have been requesting.

2) CAS BACnet Explorer 4.0

CAS BACnet Explorer 4.0 will be a new major version of the popular CAS BACnet Explorer. It will be completely redesigned and support BACnet SC. The CAS BACnet Explorer is a perfect utility for testing, debugging, and discovering BACnet® networks and devices. Among the functions it will perform include; Discovering, debugging, testing, and monitoring BACnet® SC networks and devices. The CAS BACnet Explorer has the ability to:

  • Read/write any property of a BACnet Object.
  • Browse on BACnet IP, BACnet Ethernet 802.3 and BACnet MSTP simultaneously.
  • Creates easy-to-read reports in HTML/XML suitable for documentation.
  • Supports selection of BACnet network devices on PCs with more than one network card.

3) CAS BACnet RPC Application

Chipkin is also excited to launch the CAS BACnet RPC application, a middleware application that allows other applications to communicate with a BACnet network as a BACnet client or BACnet server. This application is currently on schedule to support BACnet SC later this year. The CAS BACnet RPC is an application that provides a HTTP JSON REST (OpenAPI/Swagger) interface for other applications to configure BACnet servers or send BACnet client requests to other BACnet devices onto the BACnet network. The CAS BACnet RPC application has three parts.

  • A HTTP JSON REST API (OpenAPI) that allows other applications to interact with the CAS BACnet RPC Application.
  • An internal database to hold the current state of the server BACnet objects, and object properties.
  • The CAS BACnet stack, handles the decoding, processing, and encoding of BACnet messages.

The CAS BACnet RPC application can be used to quickly interact with the BACnet network from a web interface and supports both Windows and Linux. It is Tested to work with Docker, Raspberry PI, and virtualized machines.

Join us at Plugfest on April 20th, 2022. Test your devices with us and get a FREE 3-month trial of the new CAS BACNET EXPLORER version 4.0.

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