BACnet Marriage Counseling! BBMD Software and Hardware solution

BACnet BBMD services act as mediators, similar to marriage counseling, facilitating communication between BACnet networks much like a counselor aids in resolving conflicts between partners.

Chipkin provides advanced solutions for BACnet BBMD. Anything that prevents broadcasts also prevents BACnet communication leading to substantial challenges for BACnet Networks.

Interested in this topic see how the CAS BACnet BBMD Solves the BACnet Broadcasting Problem.

If you are looking for a Windows or Linux BBMD software application, see our CAS BACnet BBMD. For a Hardware solution, see our BACnet Router.

Chat GPT Fails!

In our interactions with ChatGPT, it's not uncommon to encounter inaccuracies or be presented with the wrong information. Despite its advanced capabilities, ChatGPT is prone to errors that could have dire consequences.

ChatGPT Fails: 39999 is not a Modbus Holding Register

  • Starting Address:
    • Since you want to read from address 4xxxx, subtract 1 to convert it to Modbus address.
    • The starting address in Modbus notation would be 39999. WRONG!!!

ChatGPT Fails: Stone Tablet vs Modbus

  • The Unbreakable Security of Stone Tablets: An Ancient Solution in a Digital World! Is it though?

A Blocked Toilet Led to $500M in Lost Revenue

The article showcases a calamitous chain of events triggered by a plumber's visit to repair a blocked toilet in a power plant, leading to catastrophic failure and over $500M in losses. Mismanagement, poor maintenance, and communication breakdowns culminated in a massive explosion...

How long until AI’s affect your job?

System Integration is a non-trivial exercise that requires diverse skills and knowledge. There is not much to train an AI with because we are such a small niche. To Chipkin, it's not obvious how AI's will come to help our industry.

Tell us what you think. We really would appreciate your insights!

Learning Center - Case Studies & Articles

  • LonWorks to BACnet Conversion: Beyond NV Values with FILE TEMPLATE 0.2
    The Case Study delves into the integration of LonWorks 'FILE template 0 2' data, in a LonWorks to BACnet conversion. It emphasizes the importance of incorporating comprehensive data conversion which leads to enhancements in interoperability and functionality within larger systems.
  • BACnet Stack on Ubuntu to provide a Self-Configuring BACnet Server
    The Case Study explores the implementation of a Self-Configuring BACnet Server using the CAS BACnet Stack on Ubuntu. Aimed at enhancing building automation, the project integrates Raybased's REST JSON API with BACnet, enabling real-time sensor data retrieval and control relay management.

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