Chipkin Newsletter - July 2020 Edition

BACnet COV - Change of Value

Most field devices are passive servers. They wait passively for a system to poll them for data and only then do the devices respond. A consequence of this is that the data client only knows the value of an object property when it polls for the value. If the duration of an event (change of value) is shorter than the interval between polls then the data client will not know the event occurred. Learn how BACnet provides a COV system as a solution in this article

Power Line Communication

Power Line Communications allows the user to control and monitor all the connected devices to the power line since it is implemented in the same wiring system. PLC incorporates a Rectifier with a Filter thus sending a less fluctuating signal. It uses a Microcontroller and a relay switch for the transmission of data which is more accurate and stable with good output signals. Click to read the full article.

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