How to Discover a FieldServer

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How to Discover a FieldServer

Please follow the given procedure to discover the FieldServer.

Step1: Connect the FieldServer and computer on the same network (Common subnet)

  • Default IP Address of FieldServer:
  • Required ethernet network parameters:
    • IP Address: 192.168.2.xx
    • Default Gateway: Connection1_29-17-59-54_04-13-11-47.png

Step2: Open the FieldServer Toolbox. You can download the FieldServer Toolbox from the following link the FieldServer ToolboxYou can download the FieldServer Manual. HERE! Toolbox Home Screen_17-19-24-58.jpg

Step3: Discover the Fieldserver via Fieldserver Toolbox homepage

  • If Fieldserver is connected properly over the ethernet network, then it will be automatically displayed on the toolbox console. If connectivity is good, a green solid LED will be displayed (as shown in the image below). Press Connect button. You will be redirected to Fieldserver Webpage. 
                               How to Discover a FieldServer1
DEVICES – Lists the device name.
IP ADDRESS – Shows the IP Address of the listed device.
MAC ADDRESS – Shows the MAC Address of the listed device.
FAVORITE – Click to mark this as a favourite device. The device information will show whether the device is found or not.
CONNECTIVITY – The light shows the level of connectivity for the device. Green is full connectivity. Yellow is limited connectivity. Blue is limited IP connectivity. And red is connectivity lost.
BUTTONS – These buttons allow multiple functions. The Connect button jumps straight into a device’s FS-GUI or Web Configurator page via the default Internet browser. The Heartbeat button allows taking diagnostics for the device. 

Step4: Login to Fieldserver web interface

1. Open the Browser.

What is config file and how to upload it?1

2. Type in IP address of Gateway. By default:

How to Discover a FieldServer3

Continue with HTTP. Note that this can be changed later.

3. Enter the Username, by default, "admin". All in lower case and with no quotes.

How to Discover a FieldServer4

4. Enter the password. Can be found on the back of the gateway.

How to Discover a FieldServer5

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