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CAS BACnet BBMD Solves the BACnet Broadcasting Problem

To solve this problem BACnet has a technology called BBMD. When a BBMD receives a broadcasts message it relays that message to other BBMDs (which ones depends on the BBMD configuration). Those messages are directed to specific BBMD’s – they are not broadcasts. When those BBMD’s receive the relayed message then they do a local broadcast and in turn relay the response back to the original BBMD. Check out this article (click heading) for more information on how BBMD works.

New CAS BACnet BBMD Now available! Only $295

The perfect utility for connecting BACnet IP devices on separate subnets. The CAS BACnet BBMD is a Windows and Linux software application that allows multiple BACnet/IP devices to send BACnet broadcast messages across NAT routers, and BACnet/IP devices with different IP/UDP ports to communicate with each other.

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