KNX Overview A 10-Minute Course

What is KNX? What are its applications? Whats Special about it? Lets see:

KNX is a network standard, basically OSI-based network communications protocol which is extensively designed and developed for building/home automation.

KNX is an abbreviation for the word Konnex

KNX is based on three technologies: EIB (European Installation Bus), EHS (European Home Systems Protocol) and BatiBUS.

The KNX is not constrained by hardware compatibility, a KNX device could be controlled by anything from an 8-bit microcontroller to a PC, based on the level of implementation and application.

Communications that support KNX:

  • Twisted pair (Most commonly Implemented, Avg. bit rate: 9.6Kbits/sec)
  • Radio frequency
  • Infrared Power line
  • IP/Ethernet


KNX is used in residential and commercial building automation for HVAC, lighting, security, remote access, blind and shutter control, visualization, and energy management.

Fig: KNX Model

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