System Components and Network Structure

Typically KNX network consists of 3 major set of components:

- Sensors (e.g. push buttons, temperature , movement-sensors)

- Actuators (e.g. Dimming units, bulb, motors)

- System devices and components (e.g. Line-Couplers, Backbone-Couplers)

- Operating and monitoring (visualization) devices such as control panels

The devices and components are interconnected in any one of the communication medium (mostly being twisted pair) to communicate data between each other to perform the required actions. KNX allows in ease of extending the network in already existing setup.

The application program is loaded into the devices together with the project design and commissioning software via a system component called interface (either serial or USB interface) connected to the PC and the bus. The two-wire installation bus is routed in parallel to the 230 V electrical power supply connects all devices and systems of the household technology together and transmits all the control signals.

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