Why KNX? A 10-Minute Course

Here is how KNX provides the ideal introduction to the world of bus technology:

  • Many of the problems that can be solved by KNX occur in our everyday lives. This makes it easy to become familiar with how to solve automation-related problems using KNX.
  • Many professional training schools teach bus systems, particularly KNX, as part of their syllabus.
  • KNX is simple and straightforward to plan, program and implement. Approximately 10% of companies in the electrical and electronics industry can plan and install KNX systems. Many engineering companies take on KNX projects, which mean that their energy and building system engineers need to have a good working knowledge of KNX.
  • Using IP Gateways, KNX systems are increasingly being integrated into the network infrastructure of buildings (TCP/IP networks), allowing them to be accessed externally via the Internet. KNX also enables you to connect electrical installations to the Internet. In this respect, learning about KNX provides a sound in-depth introduction to modern automation technology.

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